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De-duplication & merging, hotel mapping integration and support

I often see even today, how hotel booking engine service provider is struggling to keep their hotel booking services online. repeated hotels and rooms inventory and poor content is showing up every where leads to many confusion at customer end. This is not the case with every hotel but when a single property/hotel is given by multiple supplier over the distribution channel, duplicate and poor content is showing up some time with OTA's.

This is not a fault of one specific agency or supplier . unlike airlines industry, hotel industry is so large and complex, quite often, its related content is not displayed the same everywhere. This is one of the big challenges hotel industry is facing since long time and with the help of technology today some of the big market players like (GIATA, DataBindR, Gimmonix etc.) are trying to lower or cut it by hotel content mapping service.

What is de-duplication & merging or hotel mapping?

De-duplication & merging or hotel mapping is a process where technology used to uniquely identify hotels or property by assigning a unique identity and map it to various sources like Travelport GDS, Sabre, Expedia, Hotelbed etc. So when an OTA sources hotel information from multiple channels, mapping helps eliminate inconsistency and provide unique identity and solid content to show up on the listing.

For an example. Let's say an OTA starts receiving hotel content from three different supplier. its Hotelbed, Expedia & Sabre. Problem starts when they give same property and same rooms with their own naming convention. "Executive Suite" of one supplier for same property can be "Luxury" for other suppliers, results in duplicate room listing. some times prefix or suffix in hotel name results duplicate property listing. and hence broken image and content appears on the listing. It is hard enough to find and fix this issue manually. So this is a wide-spread issue with OTAs to keep up consistency.

But now a days technology helps OTAs maintain quality content and consistency if they want to gain full control of how it appears on listing, if you have some technical hand helping your business.

How to integrate de-duplication & merging or hotel mapping and benefited the most?

Most of the providers you find today has all ready started providing there services through API. This is one of the best way to maintain hotel mapping with lots of ease and extra consistency. this feature requires some technical work at your end to maintain with your travel portal solution & booking engine.

Every OTA or Distributor doesn't requires the same level or features or services from hotel mapping service provider. it breaks down at several level.

For an example. Let's assume you are planning to hire a GIATA API Services to de-duplicate & merge your hotel listing sourcing from multiple supplier (Expedia, Hotelbed, Sabre, Travelport GDS etc). you can opt for some of the services provided by GIATA.

  • GIATA Multilingual Hotel Guide:
    Mainly OTAs expand their business portfolios and offer their content in multiple international and regional language. GIATA, one of the largest database holder of mapping hotel content provides property detail in 24 and more languages if you want to use.
  • GIATA Multicodes:
    A must have feature and mapping services from GIATA, which provides you unique identity (GIATA-ID) and general information for each property. it includes address, postal code, phone/fax, email, URL, latitude, longitude, rating, near by airport, text, image, fact sheets etc.
  • GIATA Room Level Mapping Service:
    GIATA Room Level Mapping
    The GIATA Room Type Mapping solution makes it easier for OTAs to browse a wider choice of rooms at the best possible prices from multiple sources.
  • Destination Content for websites or mobile apps in several language.
  • Note: Some of the mapping content is not allowed by GIATA services unless you are not allowed by supplier. Giata cross checks and verify each OTA's and ask you to give written order from your supplier in order to give access to the mapping content. and some time it takes longer to process. So be prepared in advance if you are planing to use GIATA mapping services.

So it's all depends on your business need, you can use all services or one each servcies of your chosen. Each class may have its own pricing model vary upon time and market for each OTAs.

Hotel mapping services can be used to grow up your business product portfolio in several way like create your own all-inclusive package for your corporate client or distribute in the market. Contact us today for analysing and integrating hotel mapping software services and support for your business & travel portal solution.

Who should use hotel mapping?

If you are working with single supplier or GDS to list your hotels for booking engine, you might not need mapping services. OTAs or Travel agents who uses multiple sources to list property mostly requires hotel mapping services.

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